Monday, August 2, 2010

U-Pick: Lockbriar Farms

After the u-pick strawberry season, I kind of forgot that many local farms offer other fruit for u-pick during the summer. On Saturday, we went to Lockbriar Farms, located in Chestertown, MD, just 5 minutes from where my husband and I went to college! If you live in the Middletown area, it only takes about 40 minutes to get to Lockbriar! And remember to check out for U-pick farms in YOUR area!

Right now Lockbriar is open for u-pick blackberries ($2.59/lb), blueberries ($2.59/lb), and peaches (1.59/lb).

First we picked some blackberries:

Then checked out the peaches:

And finished up with the blueberries!

The first rule of u-pick really should be to walk down the row of bushes (or trees) a good way before starting! Everyone picks at the beginning of the row, but we had the best luck near the back. The blackberries and blueberries were so much larger and way more plentiful!
Look how big this blackberry is!

We picked over a pound of blackberries:

And almost 2 pounds of blueberries:

We ended up with only 2 peaches because we were mostly there for the berries, and we would have had to walk a bit farther to get to the ripe peaches.

Lockbriar Farm is located at 10051 Worton RD Chestertown, MD. They open at 10 am every day and close at 6 (M-F), 5 (Sat), and 4 (Sun). You can call them at 410.778.9112 or find more information and pictures on their Facebook page.
Happy Picking!

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  1. I love Lockbriar! They are such a fun little family business.


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