Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stocking Up: Peanut Butter

Have you heard that the price of peanut butter is expected to rise as much as 40% because of a poor peanut harvest this year? This article from CNN indicates that prices began to rise starting November 1. 

We love peanut butter, and our kids especially eat it nearly every day, so I decided to get a few extra jars at Costco recently:

While that might look like overkill to some, we go through a large jar about every month. So, I really only bought a 6-month supply, and this peanut butter is good until 2013! I got two 40 ounce jars for $7.99 (9 cents per ounce), which is the best price I've seen, even compared to som.e of the good deals on Amazon lately (the best being 14 cents per ounce).

Do you use peanut butter like us? It might be worth buying an extra jar (or more!) in the near future. And even if prices do not go up as expected, I know this stockpile will not go to waste!


  1. What an awesome investment...let's say you pay taxes at 20% of your earnings. And let's say it does go up 40%. You just made the equivalent of a risk-free investment that earned a 50% pre-tax return. Not finding that in a bank account anywhere these days! That's the power of buying wisely...way more effective than chasing higher investment returns that are more risky.

    Great job!

  2. The cost of a lot of things made using peanut oil will also be going up. Medicines, makeup, things fried in oil in factories, Chinese restaurant foods, and some plastic containers used for food like the peanut butter jars. There are a lot of things made using peanuts. All of them will be affected by a peanut shortage.

  3. Very true. Prices are already rising on so many foods too!

  4. I love that you did a peanut butter post. The cost of meat and eggs is expected to rise soon, too!

    Are there alternatives to use in the absence of peanut butter? I sense an increase in the demand for avocados and avocado oil coming...

  5. I stocked up too, or so I thought, after six jars the kids took to eating peanut butter as a food group! at least one sandwich or one sandwich and one spoonful (the peanut butter spoon as my then two year old dubbed it, and taught to her now two year old brother) at day.... weekends they'll have two sandwiches... needless to say, my supply I thought would last me well into summer and hopefully give rise to a new peanut crop in the meantime didn't.... I had to restock and in just four months the price had gone up two dollars a jar!!!! :( so I bought the extra big nine dollar jar and hid two of those in the cupboard...in a month they've already gone thorugh the "big" jar... three more to go and they make it to the extra big jar! at least it's something good for them I guess :)


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