Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monsieur Saguette and His Baguette

Monsieur Sageutte and His Baguette by Frank Asch is one of our new favorites this year. Monsieur Sageutte loves bread with his soup, but  alas, there is no bread is his house. He sets out to buy a baguette, and on the way home his baguette helps him solve a number of hilarious problems.

This is a great book for practicing your French accent, and my children have been requesting soup and bread for dinner at an alarming rate!

Enjoy the lovely illustrations and charming story, then bring your kids into the kitchen to make soup and bread. In the words of Monsieur Saguette, "my favorite!"

Monday, May 20, 2013

The Shore Beyond

The Shore Beyond by Mary Joslin and illustrated by Alison Jay is a book we own. Alison Jay is one of our favorite illustrators, and her artwork in this book fits seamlessly with the story of adventure, the unknown, and life.

Follow Clara as she helps her father with his ferry service as a young girl, and as she grows up longing to see more of the world. Her desire for what lies beyond what she can see will take her to the shore beyond...
The text is longer in this book, but the story holds the attention of even my book loving 2 year old.

Monday, May 13, 2013

I saw an Ant on the Railroad Track

One of our favorite train books is I saw an Ant on the Railroad Track by Joshua Prince and illustrated by Macky Pamintuan. The brilliant colors bring to life the story of a hungry ant that goes out for a walk on an empty  railroad track.

The story is told by Jack, the switchman, in brilliantly rhyming verse. One of our favorite lines is "sure as shellac" as Jack describes the sight of a train heading toward the ant.

 Discover what happens to the ant, Jack, and the train!

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