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Welcome! My name is Beth Anne and I am wife, mom, and follower of Jesus. My full time job is homemanager -- I am responsible for the the daily activities of our household with the guidance of my wonderful husband. I guess most people would call me a homemaker or stay at home mom, but I think those terms are so undervalued in our culture. I do cook and clean and do laundry, but my day is filled with so many more things! I enjoy reading -- keeping up with new fiction, learning from biographies, and digging deeper with theology. I have a 3 year old daughter a 1.5 year old son. I enjoy learning to cook many "convenience foods" like yogurt, bagels, breads, granola, and soups. I also take charge of our day to day finances, budget, and doing nearly all of the household shopping and errands. I have a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Washington College, where I met my husband.

I started this blog in August of 2009 to share some of my thoughts about living a more thrifty life style. On this blog you will find a mixture of recipes, coupon match-ups and deals, free sample offers, homemade and do it yourself projects, and a few moneymaking opportunities. My goal is for Thrifty Living to be a resource for anyone who is hoping to be purposeful with the way they live how they spend money. I try to provide some specific thrifty ideas for the people in my community of Middletown, DE, though most things should be universal no matter where you are. My goal is not to write about every coupon or every deal or every money saving tip. I try to thoughtfully choose what I post and only present what I see as the best, most helpful, and most interesting. I'm still learning too, so I hope you will keep reading Thrifty Living and learn with me!

Quick Links
In my first blog post I gave a little background on my thrifty philosophy and an introduction to this blog. Read it here.

I wrote about my thoughts on what makes a "good deal" a early on Thrifty Living. Read it here.

Active Consumerism is a term that I started using to encourage myself and others to be proactive about purchase decisions. Read more of my thoughts here.

One of the biggest ways that our family saves money every day is by using cloth diapers! I love getting others started using cloth diapers, so if you have any questions, please let me know. Some of my cloth diaper posts include: Our cloth diaper routine, cloth wipes, and reflections on two in cloth.

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I love to hear from readers - it really helps to shape the focus of this blog and the information that I am able to provide. Click here to email me!
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