Monday, January 17, 2011

Refelctions on 2 in cloth

I've posted many times about cloth diapers on this blog, and we have used them exclusively (save for a few vacations, etc) with our daughter. When our son was born, we were given a large amount of disposables, so that I did not have to worry with washing diapers daily in those early weeks.

I loved having the disposables...change the diaper and toss it...nothing else to do! So I was actually starting to worry that I would not want to switch to cloth with our son because I was so accustomed to the simplicity of disposables. It turns out that the opposite is actually true!

I love our bumGenius!

We primarily use bumGenius one-size pocket diapers. I love that my 25-pound two-year-old and 12-pound three-month-old can wear the same diapers!

In order to have enough cloth diapers for 2, we invested in some bumGenius Flip diapers. These are a more streamlined version of the one-size diapers; the insert simply lays inside the cover (see below). Because of the waterproof nature of the cover, I can toss the wet insert into my diaper pail, wipe down the cover, and reuse it without having to wash it. We have 4 flip covers and 10 inserts. The Flip diapers also feature snap closure instead of velcro.

The insert has small, medium, and large markings to help you know where to fold for the correct size diaper. The 'stay dry' insert wicks away moisture from the child's skin.

This is the large size (which my daughter uses) with all of the snaps open.

This is the small size that we use for our son, with all the snaps closed. We still prefer to use the bumGenius with the velcro on our son because we are able to get a tighter fit since he is still itty bitty.

If you are trying to decide between snaps and velcro (now that you can get the bumGenius one-size in either), I think that it is really a matter of preference, so my best advice is to try them before you make a huge investment! I love the ease of the velcro. Our diapers are 2 years old, and while the velcro is not as strong as it was when the diapers were new, it is still fine and more than just usable. The new bumGenius 4.0 diaper has reinforced velcro that is amazing, and I believe that velcro will hold up much longer than the ones I have. Snaps are more durable for sure, but I have not been able to get as tight of a fit on my children's diapers with snaps. I much prefer velcro for smaller children. I do use the snaps on my son from time to time, but they are much more prone to leaks because of gaps.

Given the option of cloth or disposables for my children, I would go with cloth nearly every time now! Cloth diapers hold newborn poop way better than disposables. Cloth diapers keep rashes away much better than disposables. If there is redness because of a diaper left on too long, it is nearly always gone by the next diaper change, and usually without the use of any cream. The routine of washing cloth can be challenging at first, but if it is what you have determined to do, than it will simply become another part of your routine, even with two in cloth!


  1. Thanks for this posting! My husband and I are hoping to use cloth exclusively when our little one makes his/her appearance later this year. Thanks for the information BethAnne! -Courtney

  2. Those flip diapers look pretty cool! I hadn't seen those before.


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