Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baking with Yeast

We all know that eating out is crazy expensive compared to making dinner at home. A big part of what appeals to our family when it comes to a meal out is that warm, freshly baked bread. Bread is super cheap and really very easy to make at home, and we've found that having different breads with our dinners makes eating in much more enjoyable!

I do a lot of yeast bread baking, especially in the winter. I love the way the oven warms up the house just as it is getting dark, and freshly baked bread dresses up most any meal.

I just opened a new bag of yeast this week. I get a 2 pound bag of yeast at Costco for just under $4!

The strips of yeast in the grocery store have got to be one of the most overpriced products I've seen. If you are only going to bake once every few months, then that is the way to go, but since we bake a few times a week, this big container of yeast makes so much more sense.

I keep my yeast in an air-tight container in the freezer. It took me a little over a year to go through my last bag of yeast, but I never had any problems with the yeast not being active any longer. If you are a member of Costco (or another similar warehouse club), check out the yeast and see if it makes sense to buy in bulk! Having all that yeast on hand will surely make it more convenient to bake more, and you just might find yourself craving homemade bread with dinner instead of an much more pricey dinner out!


  1. Have you ever tried making sourdough bread? I'd like to try...just curious if you've had any success making some!

  2. I have not tried a sourdough recipe before, so if you have luck with one let me know!

  3. LOL! I stock up on bulk yeast and freeze it as well. In fact, I got a deal on yeast at the grocery store 2 years ago, and bought 12 packages. I just opened the last package and it is still fresh and usable.

  4. I looked for the yeast the last time I was at Costco and couldn't find it. Is it near the flour and other baking supplies?

  5. It is actually in the isle with the spices, about half way down


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