Friday, October 5, 2012

Giveaway winner + Marshmallow Recipe

The winner of the photo book from Shutterfly is Becca. You've been emailed! Thanks to everyone who entered.

Last week I finally got around to trying my hand at making marshmallows. My godsister has made them for us and they are out of this world. I got the recipe from her and found time one evening to whip these up. They are not hard, but take a little bit of time. Mostly the time is just waiting for the sugar to cook or the marshmallows to whip, so it's not too complicated.

Normally I'm a roasted over the grill type of marshmallow eater, not straight from the bag. But these marshmallow are so good that I'll eat them "raw" no problem! SO GOOD! We've had them roasted as well, and probably my favorite (thanks to the cooler evenings), in hot chocolate. Totally delicious.

There are a ton of recipes out there, but I've only tried this one from Joy Of Baking. I made vanilla and coated half with powdered sugar and the other half with baking cocoa to make chocolate. I can't wait to try some other varieties next!

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  1. Yeah Becca!! SO glad you won. Can't wait to see the OBX book you make!


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