Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Free Christmas Music

Did you know there are TONS of free mp3 downloads available on Amazon?

Starting today, December 1st, everyday until Christmas you can download a free Christmas mp3. Today's download is "Joy to the World" by Casting Crowns!

There are also 2 sampler albums of Christmas music you can get for free: Sampler Claus (7 songs) and Classical Christmas (5 songs).

Also check out the entire mp3 library. Sort by price and you will see many, many songs that are free!

Remember that if you are buying music through iTunes, you can shop using Swagbucks and earn 1 SB for every $5 you spend. Swagbucks will keep track of what you spend, so the first time you buy a $9.99 album you only get 1 SB, but the second time you will get 2 (because you have now spent $19.98) and so on.

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