Thursday, May 3, 2012

April Goals Update

This past month flew by for me. I'm happy to report some good progress on my goals for this year, but I'm also starting to get that burned out, disorganized feeling. I'm going to have some time to plan over the weekend and I'm really looking forward to that. Here's the down and dirty report on my goals from April.

Read 48 books. I'm right on goal with 16 books read through April! I slowed things down a bit this month after last month's reading frenzy, only reading Swiss Courier, Men at Work: The Craft of Baseball, and listening to The Two Towers. I also three books aloud to Emma, The Boxcar Children, and the first two Magic Tree House books.  I have plans for a fun read aloud project that I hope you'll join with me...more details coming soon!

Memorize 52 Scripture verses. My husband and I are working on these together using the Fighter Verses app. I am 3 behind where I wanted to be right now, and I also haven't done a lot of review, so some of the early verses are not very solid anymore.

Work toward becoming foster parents. This is the biggest change from the last month. We originally thought we would go right to an adoption, but are now planning to become foster parents and would still be open to adoption. We have the earliest paperwork and now are ready to take our first steps...exciting!

Organize and Declutter. Yay for lots of progress here! We finished our foyer project (though that baseboard still need to be nailed down) and absolutely love it. I also worked on decluttering a number of different things and did some large seasonal cleaning. We still need to put the garage back in order from this project so the car can have its home back!

Record highlights from each week. I had fallen quite behind on this last month and now am almost completely caught up! I still need to record write down some of what we did last week. Its great even just 4 months into the year to be able to look back and remember some of the fun little things that we did, things I would have likely forgotten if they were not written down. I'm seeing first hand that it's not all about the big milestones. The little things make life interesting. :-)

Here's a look back at my previous goal posts. Are you keeping track of monthly goals? I've really enjoyed this routine and I think that it is helping me to stay on purpose and see the big picture, even while I'm wading through the day to day details.

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