Thursday, July 5, 2012

Preschool Book Club Activity: My Father's Dragon, Pt. 2

Last week's activity for My Father's Dragon was coloring a dragon picture based on the description in the book. We had so much fun with this that we colored many dragon pictures!

Here is Emma's dragon based on the cat's description. She was so focused and proud that she did (nearly) everything by herself! I helped with the blue stripes and she colored everything else.

This week we are wrapping up this book and getting ready for our virtual discussion on Monday. I wanted to do an activity that was a good visual since the descriptions in the book are so vivid and full of detail. In searching for some pictures of the items in Elmer's backpack, I found a complete lapbook for this book! Here is the link, found on Home School share, for the free lapbook. While a lot of the activities are beyond what my preschooler is doing right now, I was thrilled to find this great backpack printable!

Included are all of the items that Elmer brings with him on his journey to rescue the dragon.

We had a great time getting the backpack ready (I cut it out and glued it to a piece of foam to make it more sturdy), coloring it, and then talking about each item as Emma put them in the pack.

There are three lines to cut along that make "pockets" to store all of Elmer's supplies! This was such a great idea.

We had a ton of fun with this activity and I hope you will too! Join us Monday for questions about My Father's Dragon.

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  1. I love love loved this book series when I was younger. Now I want to read them over again!


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