Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Smarty Pants final days

I've mentioned several times about the going out of business sale at Smarty Pants (the children's resale shop in the center of Middletown). This is the final week (through the 13th) for Smarty Pants, and they are running a sale where you can fill a bag with as many clothes as you can stuff in it for just $15. Everything else in the store (including shoes) are 70% also.

I went yesterday and found a number of great pieces of clothing. In fact, I got this pile of clothes for $15. The prices on the tags totaled over $100! (and resale stores usually sell clothes for 50% or more off regular retail prices)

Some highlights included a pair of sweaters from Gap and Gymboree: 

This beautiful, silk lined coat:

And Carter's footie pajamas:

I don't know what the selection is like now, but there were still tons of great merchandise at Smarty Pants yesterday!

If you are not local to Middletown, be sure to look at your local resale stores for clearance sales on summer clothes!


  1. Great finds! Thanks for letting us know. Are there any toys left?

  2. They still had a crib and many smaller toys and books. I am not sure about any specific toys though. Also lots of Halloween costumes and Christmas outfits!


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