Monday, April 11, 2011

Curbside Recycling Information

Local Readers! If you live within the city limits of Middletown, you should have received a notice from the town about curbside recycling starts Friday, May 13th!! Every home will be provided a 65-gallon recycling container sometime in April (the notice said mid-April, so it should be here soon) along with more information about the recycling program.

I am so excited to not have to drop off our recycling any longer! And it is really going to be extra work to NOT recycle now since trash pick-up is being cut to once a week to allow for once a week recycling pick-up. Remember the week I kept track of our recycling and trash production? Our family went through more recyclable materials than actual trash!

Be sure to visit the Delaware Recycling website if you want some more information!

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