Friday, April 22, 2011

Food Waste Friday

Every Friday, I join with The Frugal Girl and other bloggers to clean out my fridge and freezer and take a picture of anything that has gone bad over the last week. This holds me accountable to faithfully check every week, and motivates me to use up our leftovers. This has made a huge difference in the amount of food we waste every week. I encourage you to participate with me in food waste Friday, too!

This first picture was not my fault...these bean sprouts got all slimy before their sell by date. I could have taken them back to the store, but the time and gas to get my money back for $2 of sprouts just would not have made sense.

Now, on to our real food waste! We have a few dried out and beginning to grow fuzz pancakes, some carrot soup, and homemade (even the stock) chicken noodle soup. The chicken noodle soup sat out at work with my husband back when he was fighting the flu and now has nice little mold spots. I tried to eat the carrot soup this week (it is one of my new favorite recipes), but it had separated and the texture was really off.

Whew! We'll hope to turn things around this coming week! Happy Easter - have a wonderful weekend!

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