Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I'm not exactly sure what it is about the change of seasons that makes me want to deep clean everything! Since spring (and even summer...it was over 80 yesterday!) seems to be here for good now, I've been taking care of a bunch of things around the house. One of the biggest tasks is cleaning our carpets!

Last year I borrowed my grandmother's carpet cleaner to deep clean the entire house. I mentioned then that I wanted to put this task on my calendar twice a year. Well, that didn't happen in the fall (probably because of the arrival of our baby boy), but I borrowed her cleaner again this year. Its been getting quite the workout the past few weeks since we are in the process of potty training my daughter.

I am always amazed and grossed out by how much dirt the carpet cleaner gets up!

This year I have noticed that things are not quite as dirty...I think its because my Dyson is getting the job done way better than our old vacuum! I am really happy to see the difference. It was a big investment to buy an expensive vacuum, but I believe that it has been worth the extra money to keep things clean and maintained.

Have you been giving in to the spring cleaning itch lately?

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