Monday, August 29, 2011

Children's Art Gallery

The same week that I did this side table makeover, I also started working on a frame that I rescued from (yet another) neighbor's trash. The end result looks like this:

The perfect framed art gallery for all those children's art projects!

My frame started out looking a bit worse for the wear. It was trash after all!

If I was doing a really good job, I would have spent a good bit of time sanding all that yucky old white paint off, but since this was supposed to be a simple project, I opted for just painting over it. I ended up needing about 3 coats of black paint to cover all the cracks and holes in the wood. My vision for this was to mimick this wonderful kid's art wall from A Soft Place to Land. Maybe one day I'll get the chance to add to our gallery wall! 

I love that this is a big frame, so we can hang several different pictures together. Also, I won't be constrained by the size of the artwork, even though the ones currently hanging are all the same size. I'd like to get some cute clips to hold the art, but for now we're just using sticky has worked well so far!

I'm also hoping this will be an easy way for us to love the art projects and enjoy them without building up a ton of clutter. It hard to know what to do with the doodles that my daughter loves to make. They have sentimental value, but I don't need a whole box of them to store! Now we have a great place to enjoy the projects, and when there is a new picture that needs a spot to be displayed, something else will have to come down. It will likely get recycled at that point, though I'm sure some "extra special" artwork will still get saved. 

Do you have any fun ways to display your children's artwork? I'd love to hear about it!

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