Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Delaware Deal Chicken

Daily deal sites are popping up all over the place right now. I am not an impulse shopped at all...in fact I rarely take advantage of the one day sales with Groupon or Living Social. It's a good thing in that we are not spending money on impulse buys we do not need. But I am also learning to have a few things that I am always on the look out for, so that I am ready to make the same day purchase. It's almost always things that we go through on a regular basis, not "extras", though!

That being said, a new daily deal site called Deal Chicken just opened for the Delaware area today! The first deal is for Matilda's Pub in Newark, and it will be great to see some what other businesses will be featured in the coming weeks.

Be sure to visit Deal Chicken to sign up to receive their daily emails!

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