Monday, January 30, 2012

A little sewing project

I had some fun with a quick sewing project a few weeks ago. My sister, who is a photographer, was visiting that day, so it made it a lot easier to get some nice pictures...thanks, Becca!

I found these adorable babydoll bunk beds sitting by the curb on trash day several months ago. They were adorable and seemed to be in decent shape, so I decided to give them a new home!

I wanted to give them a bit of makeover, though, so I took an old sheet and a curtain valence we were not using and set to work to repurpose!

From the old flat sheet I made fitted sheets for both of the doll mattresses, a flat sheet for each, as well as a little pillow.

I kept things really the edges for the fitted sheets, then flip them inside out.

The unused valence became baby blankets!

I used a seam-ripper to take off the loops for the curtain rod so I was left with a large rectangle. I cut that into two smaller pieces, finished the end, and instant blankets!

The end result:

This was a simple and easy way to repurpose (someone else's) trash and a few things that were collecting dust in my house. And I'm happy to report that a certain little girl is loving her baby bunk beds!

Any recent repurpose stories to share?


  1. Oh, how cute is that!! You are so talented!

  2. Replies
    1. I love the way it turned out, too. Thanks!

  3. I love repurposed items. I was given a leather coat to use as I want. I hope to make a short coat out of it. The last thing I did was to take a mink stoll and make it into a vest. I used the mink for the front and since there wasn't enough for the back to work properly I took a wool blend that matched and did the back. You will be able to see it on Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the stoll before hand.


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