Monday, January 23, 2012

Simple Winter Activities, Part 1

We've had so much fun lately with some winter themed crafts and activities! These are all so simple; you probably have all the supplies already in your home.

First, crystal snowflake:

You could make these for pretty much any occasion. Just mix Borax and boiling water in a widemouth mason jar and suspend your pipe cleaner shape with a string. 

Check back the next morning and (like magic!) you have crystals. I just made a simple snowflake shape, but you could do anything - I think a snowman would be really cute!

Speaking of snowmen, look at this cute couple:

Our supplies here were two toilet paper tubes, construction paper, marker, and glue. We wrapped the toilet paper tubes in white paper, added strips for their hats and scarves and a little triangle nose, then used a marker to dot eyes, mouth, and buttons.

As a final touch, we rubbed some glue on the snowman's hat and cheeks and sprinkled with salt for a nice textured look.

This penguin was the most labor intensive:

For detailed instructions check out Kaboose. There is also a template for the penguin.

I keep construction paper cut into little pieces in bags for mosaics. We don't do them a ton, but it saves a step to have the paper pre-cut.

I threw together this snow shoveling activity so I had a few minutes to prep the penguin craft and my kids loved it! We had a small amount of snow this weekend, so they really enjoyed pretending to shovel and dumping the "snow" over and over again.

I put the cotton balls in a pyrex lid to they had a little help getting them on their shovels. And we dumped the "snow" into all sorts of different containers!

I'm hoping to post a few more of our favorite winter activities soon!


  1. Love these ideas! Saves me time of looking up some more stuff. Glad you had fun with the Borax crystals. We did those last year and look forward to making them again this year. They make great decorations! I have been doing fun snow themed stuff too and reading lots of snow books too. The fun and joy of homeschooling....or TOT schooling for you! Great job. And neat idea of mosaics and cutting the paper ahead of time. That would be a great activity for my oldest to do for my younger boys too....practice cutting and using the paper cutter. Don't forget snowflakes out of tortillas for a fun snack! And you can use cotton balls to make a snowman...draw a snowman on paper and pull apart the cotton balls and glue them on. Fun fun time of year!

    1. Thanks! The s owflake tortillas sound super fun, but sadly my kids turn up their noses at them unless they are filled with taco fixins!


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