Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Keeping things real

Last week I wrote about my goals for this year, including staying organized around the house. While organization is not something that happens over night, sometimes it seems like the messes and disorganization can happen in just a few hours!

Thanks to a busy day and evening yesterday, this morning I had my work cut out for me. Living room...

Kitchen table...
  Counter and sink...

Talk about a daunting task. I had some time this morning to devote to getting things under control, so while I'm not done yet, here's a look at the progress.


And living room...

I actually enjoy (or at least somewhat enjoy) cleaning up when I've got a good audio book to listen to at the same time. This morning's companion, The Hobbit!

Have you tried listening to audio books while doing household chores? Its a great way for me to use my time wisely to make my goals happen!


  1. Thanks for the pictures of reality. I don't feel so bad, Uncle Roger and I started the year off with a new desire of being organized as well. I listen to books on CD quite often: while cooking, playing card games in the evening, cleaning and sewing. I prefer dramatized versions, which are hard to find, but the other helps.

  2. Mars Hill sermons and Tolkien Professor podcasts are my cleaning companions. I can listen to them instantly from my iPod Touch, which is great. There have been days when a new podcast was all the motivation I needed to clean my bathrooms. (The TP just finished a lecture series on The Hobbit, btw. Good stuff.)


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