Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Favorite Finds

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Here are some of my favorite things from the past week.

I made this crunchy, clumpy granola last week for the first time and it was top notch! I've made several different granola recipes and this one was by far the best I've ever had (homemade or store bought!). Check out The Frugal Girl's detailed instructions of this America's Test Kitchen recipe.

A while back I bought a few boxes of orzo on a big sale and I've had trouble using them up. Then I found a recipe for Cheesy Broccoli Orzo...I'm going to have to buy more orzo! Here is the recipe via Iowa Girl Eats.

One of my favorite ways to use up bananas is making Tammy's Chocolate Bottom Banana squares. These are a hit with everyone and since they are technically banana bread, I totally eat 3 with my coffee and call it breakfast! I made a pan for Bible study this past week and made it home with just the crumbs. Now that I've made them so many times I can have them ready to go in the oven by the time it is finished pre-heating...now that is a recipe to love!

If you have small kids (or maybe bigger ones too) you probably have tons of arts and crafts getting made each week. What to do with it all? I made an art gallery to display some of the best things and we rotate the pictures through. A few weeks ago I found an app called ArtKive that is fantastic!
I can take a picture of the artwork, can assign the child's name (I have separate sections for each kid!), and then can share with Daddy or anyone else I add quickly and easily! Plus it saves the date for me, along with your child's grade in school. This app is FREE for a limited time, so hurry and download it!

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  1. Re: Orzo. My family LOVES stuffed pepper stoup by Rachael Ray... and it uses a cup of orzo per pot. It's a staple in our houses... so if you need another orzo recipe give that one a shot. =D


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