Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Smarty Pants sale gets bigger!

I posted last week about Smarty Pants, the local children's resale store that is sadly going out of business. Smarty Pants has announced that all clothing is now 75% off, and this Saturday you can fill a bag with clothes for just $15! Right now they primarily have summer clothes out on the racks, so this is a great chance to get stocked up for next summer. I was told by the owner that fall clothes will be stocked once the summer ones have moved, probably by the middle of this month.

I stopped by and found some great deals last week, which I thought I would share with you!

A Melissa & Doug magnetic puzzle for $5!

Children's place jeans for $2

A Gap outfit for just $4!
And some very cute summer dresses from Old Navy for $2.50 a piece!

I also found some newborn Carter's onsies...$1.50!

I've been feeling the fatigue of only having a month and a half to go before our baby arrives, but I am planning to keep posting on as regular of a schedule as possible! I've got a few projects that are nearing completion to share with you, as well as another giveaway (hopefully next week!)!!

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  1. How fun that you are buying some little boy clothes now! We are keeping an eye out on freecycle for boys clothes for you. No luck yet


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