Friday, September 30, 2011

Individual sized homemade yogurt

Do you ever get one of the moments where the light bulb just switches on suddenly?

I've been making yogurt in quart sized mason jars for several years, and I really do love my homemade yogurt. But there is something about pulling an individual container of store-bought yogurt out of the fridge that almost always seems more desirable. Lately I've been really thinking about why I tend to prefer the store yogurt.

I think it comes down to the ease of being able to grab a portion of yogurt and simply go...without having to spoon out a portion into a bowl, often making a mess when I'm in a hurry. When I say it out loud, it sounds lazy - I can't even scoop yogurt? But then the light bulb went on - I could make my own individual yogurt containers!

This week when I made my yogurt I used three different size glass jars: quart, pint, and half pint.

It was so easy! I poured the yogurt from my large stock pot into a pitcher to cool. Once it was the right temperature I just poured the yogurt into my little containers, screwed on the lids, and put them in the cooler to incubate. Piece of cake!
These little guys are so irresistible! I took one to the mall with our lunch yesterday. If you are in to making yogurt at home, give this a try. I drizzled some homemade chocolate syrup on the top of one for a snack one evening...yum!
Have you ever made individual yogurt?


  1. What a great idea! I find I have the same problem- I make those nice quart-sized jars of homemade yogurt, but then it just seems like so much work to get it all dished up for me and the kids. (It's crazy how we're so wired for 'convenience' It's really not hard to put yogurt in a bowl, lol.) I'll have to try the individual sizes next time I make some yogurt. And wow, chocolate sauce over the top sounds delicious!

  2. I hope you like the individual sizes! Every time I open the fridge and see them I feel like a genius lol. But seriously, if it makes me less likely to buy the individual ones from the grocery store, I am all for it!


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