Monday, October 3, 2011

Frugal Finds: Walmart this week

I make a trip to Walmart every few weeks or so when there are good coupon overage deals. Today I took my $8 off 2 Cover Girl Face products from yesterday's P&G insert and also found a few nice clearance deals.

The CG blush is priced at $3.74 at my Walmart, so I was able to get 2 for free, plus $.52 overage to use on the rest of my purchases. I took a quick look at the summer clearance isle and found a sheet of glow-in-the-dark 4th of July stickers for 25 cents, as well as a calendar for next year for $2. This is the calendar that I always use, so it was a bonus to find it marked down.

I also took a quick look at the bakery items and found a pack of four cheesy bagels marked down to $1.50 and 2 loaves of fresh made Texas Toast marked down to $2.13. I was going to make garlic bread later in the week to go with our lasagna dinner, so I decided to just switch up my menu plan and we'll do lasagna tonight. I'm going to freeze the second loaf of Texas Toast!

I was really pleased with myself and excited when I got home to take out my "spoils" which point I realized the cute birthday napkins for my son's first birthday party next week said "Sensational 60"!
The funny part is that I looked these over to make sure they didn't say something ridiculous. I saw the Sensational but somehow missed the giant 6-0 on the balloon. Whoops! I'll probably still use them for the will make for a good laugh!

So my $.52 overage paid for my 2 packs of 60th birthday napkins!

Do you have any recent frugal finds to share? How about a frugal "bust" like mine?


  1. I got really nice placemats in the clearance section for $.75 once. I sometimes have to steer clear of that section though because of the deals and I may end up picking up something that I don't need. You can always save the birthday napkins for 59 years. :-)

  2. I hear you! Just because it's cheap doesn't mean I need it!


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