Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere!

The fall weather lately has been amazing! It is great to be able to bake without the house getting miserably hot. Today I tried a new recipe - Pumpkin Scones! They were oh, so good!

(Image from Shoe Box Kitchen)
The recipe I used is from The Shoe Box Kitchen. It was super easy, especially compared to several of the other pumpkin scones recipes I've looked at recently. Scones are not exactly the healthiest food...this recipe has a good bit of butter, but uses half and half instead of heavy cream. It was super moist and smelled amazing.

(Image from Joy the Baker)
Another favorite pumpkin recipe in our house is Pumpkin Pancakes. The recipe is from Joy the Baker and is really great also. We love the Pumpkin Pancake mix from Trader Joe's and this recipe is a great copycat!

Do you have any favorite pumpkin recipes?


  1. Sadly, no pumpkin recipes. But I do have a scone question: is it necessary to use cream/ half and half or would Whole milk work? We have no reason to buy those other dairy products, especially for a recipe that only uses three tablespoons, but we have plenty of whole milk around.

  2. I've found you really do have to use the cream called for in order to get the proper consistency and texture. I used light whipping cream instead of heavy in a scone recipe one time and they were more like cookies than scones!

    I try not to buy cream unless I have a plan for it, but I don't normally just have it on hand. I know cream and half and half come in half pint sizes, so if you doubled the recipe and had another recipe to use up the rest, that would probably use up a small container.

  3. I just made pumpkin snickerdoodles and roasted pumpkin seeds, so yes pumpkins are everywhere! hehe The recipe sounds delicious. I love scones.


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