Monday, October 24, 2011

On the days when I am weary of living thrifty

That is, weary of my thrifty lifestyle, not thus blog. Blog? I have a blog? Ok, maybe the blog too. But they go hand-in-hand, life and blogging.

When I'm enthusiastic about saving money and living wisely, I blog more and enjoy it immensely. But these days when I'm tired of my cooking, washing sheets everyday (overnight potty training fail), and wishing that cloth diapers cleaned messes out of themselves, blogging is much less of a priority.

Thrifty burnout. The more I think about it, the more firmly I believe that it is a good place to be, as long as I address it and move on.

A while back I wrote about yogurt burnout...I took a break from making yogurt and was fresh and ready to get back to it. That's living thrifty.

So I've got some store-bought frozen pizza in my freezer. It is more expensive than homemade but way cheaper than a meal out, even take-out pizza. That's living thrifty.

It's 8am and my daughter's clean sheets are in the dryer with last night's spinning in the wash. She will have sheets for nap without me having to scramble and neglect something else later. That's living thrifty.

And cloth diapers...well, we used a few disposables over the weekend. The dirty diapers are in the wet bag and my bathroom is freshly disinfected. Sometimes I hate the extra work of cloth diapers. But a few disposables later I'm reminded that they keep the mess in better, they are just as easy when there is only pee, and they are WAY cuter! That's living thrifty.

So I'm going to enjoy the fall weather with my kids, make soup and homemade bread for dinner, and be thankful for all the things I can do because we are living thrifty.

Saving money and living a thrifty lifestyle looks different for us all. That's what it looks like for me today. What about you?


  1. Great perspective! And it applies to other areas of life also...basically, it's saying you know you can't be perfect, so be faithful and do the best you can. And then "get back on the horse," so to speak and ride again! Love it! Thank you!

  2. Listening to "new" music on Pandora, playing with our Goodwill toys and making the once-a-year apple cake my husband has been begging for, knowing it will serve as both dessert and breakfast for the next few days. Oh, and washing a load of diapers, because, with no disposables in the house, I really don't have a choice. :-P

  3. Great your honesty....we enjoyed our lovely yard for a nature scavenger hunt.....Though the "deals" online are ok today for kids clothes, I am going through piles of clothes and realizing I have oodles of 3T's to pass on to CJ and lots of EVB's jammies and pants can go to Nathan...the joy of hand-me-downs! And going through the lovely delivery of boys clothes from a neighbor yesterday that may still work for EVB. No need to buy any...thank you Lord! Make some apple chips with the free apples (red delicious) I got from a neighbor that probably are not that "delicious" to eat as a regular apple...and pulling a meal from my freezer stash for dinner since I need rest time to work on laundry and cleaning....though the thought of a cleaning lady is always very tempting!!!! not so thrifty though. and today was also homemade smoothies, homemade lunch for hubby, and getting creative with apples!

  4. and I gave my littlest one his first hair cut here at home....great memory with big brothers taking pictures!


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