Monday, June 7, 2010


I've been making my own yogurt for some time now. I loved it, my husband loved it, and my daughter especially loved it. Then a few months ago I realized that I did not love it anymore. In fact, I found myself trying to find ways to use it up quick before it went bad. There were several factors that let to my homemade yogurt burnout.

1) I made too much of it a few times, so it was hard to use it up before it went bad.

2) I used a yogurt starter that was a little older, and I'm pretty sure the cultures were not as "live and active" as they should be. I'm also pretty sure that this led to runny and sometimes lumpy yogurt that was way less than appealing.

3) I was struggling with nausea and lack of appetite because I'm pregnant. Yogurt was just one of those hit or miss foods.

After probably a month and a half of being quite sick of my own yogurt, I decided to take a break. I kept my eyes open for good deals on store-bought yogurt, and stocked up when it was on sale. I also told myself (with accountability from my husband) that I was not going to abandon homemade yogurt entirely; rather, I would take a break for a month and make my own again.

Over the last few weeks, I've been back to homemade yogurt. The best part is that it tastes better than ever! A big part of this has been because I was able to address and deal with all three of the reasons I had grown tired of homemade yogurt.

1) I've been making just one quart of yogurt at a time. This has kept the amount that needs to be used up quite manageable.

2) I used a yogurt started that was recently purchased, so the cultures were very 'live and active' and have made my yogurt smooth and creamy.

3) I'm finally over the nausea hump in the pregnancy! (Oh, and we found out last week that we will be adding a boy to our family this time!)

Have you ever suffered from homemade food burnout, even of something you really love?? If you have any other suggestions on getting over burnout, please feel free to share!

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