Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Smarter Spammers - Beware!

Over the last week, I have received several different "spam" emails that appear to be from totally legitimate companies (Amazon, Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Hallmark). The email has the logo of the company in it and looks very official. The tip off is that all of the emails have attachments and the message of the emails tells me to "open the attachment to see _______" whatever it is that particular company might really email me about.

For Hallmark it was an e-card, but Hallmark e-cards tell you who they are from (this one did not) and there is a link to follow to the online card (not ever an attachment).

For Facebook, it said I had a new message (which can be viewed on facebook's site, not an attachment to an email).

For Amazon, it was in reference to an order with an order number (but there was no link, just the attachment).

Be very cautious with emails like these! The first few did not go into my spam folder because they looked real. After I reported them as spam, they have been going to the spam folder. I have also only noticed these in the email address that I use for my survey companies/free samples. This may or may not be a coincidence, so just be aware that these emails are looking much more like legitimate emails than they used to!

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