Friday, June 18, 2010

Food Waste Friday

I've been participating in Food Waste Friday with The Frugal Girl for a while now; I go through our fridge (and freezer) on Friday and toss anything that has gone bad. I also take a look at what needs to be used up so that it does not go bad and try to work that into our meals over the next few days. This has really helped us to throw out less food (and so we're actually buying less because we're using what we've already bought!).

This week I threw out a leftover hotdog and some risotto. I really should have used up the risotto, but it was forgotten about in the chaos of our weekend (we had a gas leak!). The good news is that I planned our meals really well this past week because I didn't know how long our gas would be out. We are using up leftovers tonight, which should put us in good shape for next week!

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