Friday, June 1, 2012

Book club activity

Our dinner with the Beavers was so much fun! I had some great little helpers in the kitchen while I worked on the marmalade roll.

I used the ideas from the Pioneer Woman's marmalade roll recipe, but since it makes so many, I opted for this more manageable size roll recipe from the Frugal Girl.

And since I usually prefer not to mix fruit with my dessert, I only made half a batch of marmalade rolls and made the rest cinnamon rolls.

The kitchen was a bit of a disaster afterwards!
I didn't manage to get any pictures of our actual fish dinner. It was delicious! Our kids loved having tea with dessert after dinner.
She was totally thrilled to be drinking tea like the children! And she loved updating Daddy on what had happened recently in the book.
There's just a week left until our first virtual meeting; I hope you're enjoying the book and wrapping up. We finished a little earlier and Emma enjoyed getting to watch the movie of The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. Some parts were a little scary, so we skipped over them, and we broke it up into 3 different viewings. I checked a copy out from our library, which is a great free option! The older BBC version is closer to word-for-word with the book, but is quite a bit longer and not as exciting.

After you finish reading the whole book, take some time to review the complete story. My daughter loves doing this, and the pictures are especially helpful in remembering the sequence of events.

A great way to hear what the child has retained is to have them tell the story to you. Try not to help them too much; let them tell it in their own words. If they remember something incorrectly, try saying "that's not exactly what happened, think about it again," or something like that...instead of just giving them the answer. Encourage them to use the pictures to tell what happened in the story!

Here are some questions we'll be talking about next week:

1) Who goes to Narnia first?

2) What season is it in Narnia?

3) Who is the "bad guy"?

4) Who is Aslan?

5) What does Edmund do that is wrong?

6) Where do the children meet Aslan?

7) How is Edmund reunited with the others?

8) What does Aslan do to rescue Edmond for good?

9) What happens to the statues in the witch's house?

10) Who wins the battle? Who kills the witch?

11) Will the children return to Narnia? Will it be through the wardrobe?

I will elaborate on a few of these questions, going beyond what simply happened to some deeper thinking questions. I hope you will join us! I am looking forward to hearing how your children reacted to different points in the story, what details in particular they remembered, and what creative ways you have gotten them excited about the story!

Also, next week we will be picking the book to read in June and I would love to hear your suggestions! Shoot me an email - thriftylivingde(at)gmail(dot)com or leave a comment on any of the book club posts.

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