Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Book Club Activity: Stuart Little, ch. 6-10

Welcome to the second activity for Stuart Little!

If you missed last week's activity, be sure to check out the links for printable cat and mouse crafts. My kids had a blast with them.

In chapters 6-10, Stuart begins to have some incredible adventures. The boating chapters are a little challenging because of all of the nautical terms, so we talked about a few things before and during the chapter, and tried to let the flow of the story explain the rest. A few key terms we talked about were schooner, mast, "aye, aye, sir!", "bravo!", "bon voyage," rigging, and floatsam. 

For our craft, we are planning to make paper boats. We will probably end up sailing these in the pool or the bathtub so that the kids can splash around and try to race them! Here is a short video on You Tube with great paper boat folding instructions. If you prefer still picture instructions, Origami Instructions has great pictures as well.

This link to Kids Coloring Pages has a great printable coloring page of Stuart at the helm of the Wasp. 

Stuart's friend, Margalo, is introduced in these chapters also, and was a particular favorite character of my daughter. Unfortunately, I pronounced the poor bird's name wrong at first (Mar-GAY-low instead of Mar-GAH-low) and she is having a really hard time with the correct pronunciation. I found a coloring page from First School that is a nicely detailed bird.

Did you do any activities during these chapters? I'd love to hear about it!

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