Monday, August 20, 2012

Sautéed Mushrooms...a favorite with our kids!

Yep, you read that right. Our kiddos ask for mushrooms at the store and get super excited when we serve these at dinner. Maybe lots of children like mushrooms? I always associated them with one of those under-appreciated and not kid-friendly foods.

The way I cook mushrooms is so simple and easy that I can hardly even call it a recipe. I guess it's really more like a method. These mushrooms first won over my husband in the early months of our marriage. I only made a serving for myself and he decided to "give them a try." That was the last time I sautéed mushrooms for one!

It took several times of trying mushrooms for our kids to really enjoy them, and even now my son is hit or miss. Some nights he has seconds and some nights he only eats one or two mushrooms. On the whole, this is one of our favorite meal sides, and I often serve it as a second or third veggie since it is so easy to make.

I start with about a tablespoon of butter and a non-stick skillet set to medium-low.

While the butter is melting I chop my mushrooms quickly (my family preferes chunks to slices), and dump them into the pan of heated butter. I usually use about 8-10 good sized mushrooms, but on this occasion I probably used about 14. I give them a little stir with some tongs and let them sit.

About 8-10 minutes later they look like this. I give them another stir, making sure that any raw ones end up on the bottom.

After this stir I usually add some seasoning. We like salt and pepper with parsley, but also enjoy this seasoned salt.

One of our favorite seasonings was this sample pack of Sazon Tropical by Badia. The free sample is all gone and I need to hunt this down next time I'm at the store. It was fantastic on mushrooms and our roast chicken.

After another 8-10 minutes I give the mushrooms another stir and toss with another round of seasoning. Depending on how they look, I may turn down the heat to keep them warm while I wait for the rest of the meal to be ready, or I may let them cook a little longer. Only a few of the mushrooms were golden, crispy brown at this point because it was a larger batch, so I let them be for another 5 minutes or so.

At which point I ended up with this delicious pan of mushrooms just begging to be eaten!

Does your family do mushrooms? If not, maybe this would be a way to try them!


  1. Do they sell Badia up in Delaware? I don't remember ever seeing it until I moved down here - let me know and if you can't find it I'll send some home with Mom & Dad this weekend! :)

    1. Maybe that's why I haven't found it! I did find some on Amazon, but in my brief looking haven't seen it in the grocery store.


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