Thursday, August 16, 2012

Book Club Activity: Stuart Little, Ch. 11-15

This is the final set of activities for Stuart Little! I hope you have enjoyed this book and the little ideas I've included have been fun for your and your children.

In the last chapters of this book, Stuart's adventures kick into high gear as he searches for Margalo. We had a lot of fun talking about Stuart's little car and how funny it would look to see a mouse driving a tiny car. I found a Stuart Little car game that you can play online at Kiba Games. This may be challenging for your preschooler, but I'm sure it will be fun too! Its very cute.

Stuart sends Harriet a very thoughtful and kind letter. Take time this week to make something special to mail to someone. We are going to make another pop top can to send to someone!

Depending on what I can find at the store, we are going to try some Sarsaparilla too! We may end up just using Root Beer.

Join us next week for some discussion questions, as well as photos of all the activities that we've done throughout the book. I can't wait to hear what your kids thought about this story!

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