Thursday, September 17, 2009

Free Always Infinity

I love getting free samples in the mail. I pretty much sign up for all the samples I can find because 1) I like getting mail, 2) I like trying new things, and 3) the samples often come with sweet coupons.
I signed up for a sample with Always and Tampex that had 3 tampons and 3 pads in it. It arrived this week and when I opened it I found a coupon for a free 18 count box of Always Infinity! This is a huge coupon. Usually coupons for free products have a maximum value that they are good for, but this one did not. I was able to use it for a box that cost $5.50.

here is the link to sign up for the sample. I don't know if the free coupon will still be in the sample, but its worth a try!


  1. How exciting! I too like signing up for freebies because it means I actually get mail from time to time :-)

  2. Got it yesterday and it still has the coupon.


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