Friday, November 13, 2009

Not such a good week

Going through the fridge was the last thing on my mind last Friday with my husband home sick from work (we think he had the flu) I guess its understandable that there was a bit more to throw out this week.

The I lost about a tablespoon of salsa and some sour cream earlier in the week. I was going to eat them with a quesadilla, but the salsa was too far gone and even though the sour cream was probably ok, my stomach was not interested in trying!

In the picture is a little bit of homemade 1000Island dressing. It didn't smell bad, but had been in there for a while and I knew I wouldn't be brave enough to finish it. A little bit of veggie dip that didn't get finished, and then some spaghetti noodles from earlier last week.

How does your fridge look this week? Do you have leftovers that need to be prioritized? I'm impressed that I've been staying on top of our fresh fruits and veggies, but its because of going through the fridge every week!
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