Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rite Aid Gift of Savings Program returns!

Do you remember the Fall Gift of Savings program that Rite Aid ran? Well, there is a holiday version that started this past Sunday. All purchases between November 22 and December 24 qualify, and you could earn up to $20 in the form of a gift certificate to Rite Aid!

Here is how the rewards are structured:

Spend between $25 and $49 and receive a $5 certificate

Spend between $50 and $99 and receive a $10 certificate

Spend over $100 and receive a $20 certificate

The program works this way:
Login or register at the Single Check Rebate site. Any receipts that you enter for SCR are automatically entered into the gift of savings program...but remember to enter all your receipts, even if there are no qualifying rebates!
Your "amount spent" is calculated based on the shelf price of the items you purchase. Any coupons or single check rebates do not affect the amount that qualifies towards the Gift of Savings Program. Your reward comes in the form of a gift certificate to Rite Aid that must be used in a single purchase (no cash back).

While programs like this one can be great, it is also important to not get caught up in the mentality of "spend more so I can save more". Weighing the actual cost and whether or not you need what you are buying is more important that getting money back later on.

Because of the sales during the Fall Gift of Savings Program, I was able to make money! My total expenses (after getting back my rebate checks) was $11.71 and I have a $20 gift certificate to use still. I am excited that I was able to hold onto it, so now I can roll it into the new gift of savings program!

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