Thursday, March 4, 2010

Writing to Companies: An Exciting Result

A while back I posted about the idea of writing to companies with compliments instead of just with complaints. This is something that I really enjoy doing, because I feel like my feedback can make a difference. Usually the only "reward" for complimenting a product is a thank you email from a customer service rep, though sometime there are coupons and even freebies.

I recently wrote to Herlocher's Dipping Mustard. This is my favorite mustard ever.

I grew up on this mustard at my grandparents house, where I have fond memories of snacks of cheese and crackers with Herlocher's. Where I grew up in Maryland as well as where I now live in Delaware, I have not been able to purchase Herlocher's in grocery stores, so I would rely on my grandmother to get it for me. In fact, I received several jars of mustard for Christmas this year (as I do every year!).

I wrote to Herlocher's to tell them about how much I have enjoyed their mustard throughout my life and how I have converted my husband to saying the Herlocher's is his favorite mustard too! I also told them about the trouble I've had locating the mustard where I live. A few days later I received an exciting reply. I was given information where to buy Herlocher's in my area (at Giant, which is close to me!), as well as telling me that the deli manager can order it if they do not have it in stock! Then I was asked if they could use my email as a testimonial on their website, and as a thank you for my support of the company, they sent me 4 jars of mustard!

Wow I was shocked! It was like Christmas all over again. Like I said earlier, this is not the norm when writing to companies, so it was a great surprise. I really hope that this encourages you that companies really do listen to the customers that write to them, and that our compliments are deeply appreciated!

Now here is the best part for you the reader. I want to share my beloved mustard with you! Starting this Sunday, you can enter into a giveaway to win one of 2 jars of Herlocher's! The company did not ask me to do this at all; I just want to make sure I am able to use up all this mustard by the 'sell by' date!

Additionally, my testimonial is not yet up on the Herlocher's website, but I will be sure to link to it when it posts.

Check back Sunday for more information about this giveaway!

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