Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brand new toy - Second hand price

Yesterday I spotted this while taking a quick look through the local Goodwill:

Its a brand new (still sealed) Bristle Blocks basic set. The sticker priced it at $17.49, but Goodwill was selling it for $8.50. I looked online quick and found $15 to be a normal price for this toy in stores, so I got it for about half price.

Our Goodwill often will have brand new, unopened items for sale. I believe that they receive shipments from Target, which is where many of these items originate. I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing that other Goodwills receive donations from stores as well.
Have you something brand new in Goodwill or another second hand store? Yard sale season is starting up too, which can be other way to get new or even just gently used items for a fraction of their original cost. Happy hunting!

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  1. Great find!!!!! Good for you! Do they have more? oh, I miss the days of gettin to go to Goodwill! We love those! We have the Parents brand ones too from Target. Sometimes Costco carries them at Christmastime. I got the cheap look-a-likes at Walmart--waste of money!


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