Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kohl's mailer with $10 off $10 purchase

Last week in the mail I received a flier for Kohl's that included a card for $10 off a $10 purchase! They send these out from time to time, and are a great way to get something for free (or for very little out of pocket). My card expires the first of May, so I am planning to use mine tomorrow.

Companies often send out ads like this one with a really great offer (this is basically free money to spend in the store), but they are banking on most people spending more than the $10 they are giving you. If I have something picked out at Kohl's, then spending the $10 on that and getting a $30 outfit for $20 is a good deal. But if I mindlessly go into Kohl's to use my $10 and end up picking out $30 worth of stuff that looks good just so I can get it for $20, then it probably isn't a good deal. I wrote more extensively about my opinions of what makes a good deal here.

I'm planning on finding something little as close to $10 as I can. Did you get this mailer from Kohl's too? How are you planning on spending it?


  1. Yes, I got the card, too, and hope to make it out to Kohl's today. I'm on the lookout for new sandals, so to the shoe dept. I'll go! But, of course, if nothing really floats my boat, I'll head to my favorite clearance sections and "splurge" on something, say, around $10, or so. ;)

    Have a good day, Beth Anne.

  2. FYI: You are actually able to combine the $10 coupon with the 15% shopping pass that came via email last week. Its rare to be able ot combine deals when you don't use a Kohl's charge (I don't have one). I had a great scenario all worked out to get a dear friend an electric griddle for about $11 OOP but her mom got her the same gift. Thankfully, Kohls gave me the $10 store credit back and I used it to score Carters jammies (some of the best I think) for my oldest son since they were 60% off, plus the 15% off, and I got some sippy cups that were the cheapest I have seen and a super cute bodysuit for my baby. I know Kohls well enough to know when the sales are the best, and this is a good week to get jammies and other things. You really have to be careful when the say "sale" because Costco has Carters jammies too usually around $8. I also found jammies on the clearance rack. There were some good deals there too for children's clothes. I try to look for things under $3. However, jammies I usually will spend about $6-7 a pair for good quality since I have three boys they will work for.

    Also, JC Penny sent a similar $10 coupon last week. I hope to head to the mall next week to find a shirt for me, b/c I am realizing how out-of-date/style my tops are. Hopefully, I can find a shirt and get it for free!

  3. Michelle - I love the clearance section at Kohl's too!

    MVB - great info about the 15% off coupon, I got one too


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