Friday, July 2, 2010

Food Waste Friday: It's another no waste week!

I've been participating in Food Waste Friday with The Frugal Girl for a while now; I go through our fridge (and freezer) on Friday and toss anything that has gone bad. I also take a look at what needs to be used up so that it does not go bad and try to work that into our meals over the next few days. This has really helped us to throw out less food (and so we're actually buying less because we're using what we've already bought!).

For the second week in a row (and the 3rd out of the last 4 weeks!) I did not have to throw anything away today! We've been eating up our leftovers, and I think the warmer weather has contributed to eating more fresh produce, especially raw, which is one of the easiest things for us to waste. We do have a few things in the fridge that will need to be used up over the next couple of days, but thanks to my look through the fridge today, I know exactly what they are and am working on a plan to use them up!

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend!

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  1. That what I love most about something like food waste fridays - it makes it so much more difficult to ignore the stuff that is sitting in the fridge waiting to be used up. I know in the past I have had weeks when I've barely even opened the fridge door but making sure to go through everything in detail at least once I week means things are far less likely to go so far that I don't get to use them before I remember I have them.


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