Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Craigslist Find: Phil & Teds Double Stroller

When I found out that we were expecting our second child at the beginning of this year and realized that our kids will be 21 months apart, I started thinking about the (dreaded, in my mind) double stroller.

I had some pretty firm ideas about the kind of double stroller I did NOT want; specifically, I did not want to be trying to turn a ridiculously long gun-boat like the front-back doubles, or trying to navigate small corridors in stores with a super-size double-wide.

I was thinking that I had pretty much ruled out all of my options at this point! But then I remembered reading an author on Prayer of Hannah talk about a stroller called Phil and Teds, which was a different kind of double stroller. I began my research!

The first thing I found out was that this stroller is SUPER expensive! As you can see from the Amazon link to the left, a new stroller (with the doubles kit) is about $540...and that is across the board no matter where you go. We decided that we wanted to get our stroller for no more than $ obviously buying new from a retailer was not going to work.

I started looking at eBay, where I have had success in the past finding things that are normally expensive at great discounts. After searching for a few weeks, I found that new P&T were going for at the $420-$500 range and used P&T were still expensive, usually the $350-$450 range. This still seemed like way too much for a new stroller, and most of all, way too much for a USED stroller!

Next, I started looking at Craigslist. In the months that I was checking, there was never a stroller offered less than 30 minutes away, with most being in the Philadelphia area. We live close to an hour from Philadelphia, but I still saw this as our best option, considering the cost of shipping!

The interesting thing I found was that strollers were routinely MUCH less expensive offered on Craigslist! I think this is probably because of the auction nature of eBay; once a person started bidding, they were often hooked on getting that particular stroller, and could have ended up paying more than they originally intended. This is why I think it is so important to have a maximum price in mind before you start looking someplace like eBay or even Craigslist! The majority of the strollers I found on Craigslist were still above my price range, and every time one in the price range appeared, it was snatched up before I could get it.

I ended up checking back 2-3 times a day, looking to see if a new stroller had been posted. Maybe this seems a little too time-consuming, but since I new exactly what I was looking for and was firm on the price, it was easy to disregard any items that did not fit and just check back later. Last week I was so excited to hear back about a stroller that was priced at $285! The whole ride to see the stroller, my husband and I talked about being willing to walk away from it, and we decided that we would not buy it if there was a mechanical problem. Otherwise, we were prepared for somewhat worn and used condition.

We ended up with this beauty:

It is a used stroller for sure; the treads on the back wheels are a little worn, and there are a few stains and scratches, but you could never tell from this picture! I put it to work this week with my daughter in the back and our friends' little boy in the infant seat and it was amazing! This stroller is so easy to push (even with 2 kids), it folds up very small and it lightweight. I am 6 months pregnant and have had no trouble getting it in and out of the trunk of our car.

I should add that the way I am using the stroller in the picture is not technically how it is intended. There is a carseat attachment that you are supposed to use to secure the infant seat, but because of my Graco carseat's styling, I found that it sits quite securely as is. Also, I had to lay the main seat down slightly to use the infant seat. This works fine because my daughter is smaller, but could be a little tighter with a larger child.

If you are in the market for a double stroller, I think this is by far the best option out there! And the great thing is that you can find this stroller used for less than $300. I love the versatility of the stroller - as a single, and multiple double configurations! If you have any questions about the stroller, please feel free to contact me!

To see all of the ways this stroller can accommodate 2 children, visit Phil and Teds or check out this You Tube video! I was in no way compensated for this post or in contact with Phil and Teds. If you know someone at the company who would like an enthusiastic spokeperson, please send them my email!


  1. Way to go! I am so happy for you. Got to love double strollers! I love, love my BOB! I am looking to sell my single jogger on Craig's List, though I have no experience buying or selling. You saw the condition of much do you think I could ask for? I was thinking $ retailed $199.

  2. That looks like an amazing stroller! Well worth hunting for, and a great bargain it seems!

  3. I love how Emma is just chillin there like, what are you doing mom???

  4. Excellent find! We LOVE ours, (excepting that the front wheel is currently a little wonky). My favorite feature is how the front seat lays down and the jump seat can go on top of that. We have gotten countless naps for the small one in the slighly swaying big seat while the toddler chills on the top.

  5. i am so jealous! i am looking for a double as well since we just had daughter #2 and I can't find any in my area. The one day there was a double on there for $150, but it was snatched up in a heartbeat :( so sad...I will keep looking thought!

  6. Did you continue to use your Graco car seat without the car seat adapater? I just found a Phil N Ted stroller on Craigslist for $275 and am going to purchase it tomorrow, but I am still on the fence about buying the adapter. Its just $39, but still if I can go without it, I'd prefer to save the money. Also, when I watched a YouTube video about the stroller, it said the smaller child should always be on the bottom. What made you put the larger child on the bottom?

    I don't know anyone else with this stroller, so I was so thrilled to find your post.

    1. Yes! I used the Graco carseat without the special attachment the whole time. We were always careful, and never had any issues.

      The main reason the older/bigger child is supposed to be in the front and the smaller in the back is for balance. The stroller can tip if only the back seat is occupied. Again, we were mindful of the tipping problem, and switched back and forth between who was on top/bottom.

      This has. Een a really great stroller for us. My kids are now 3 1/2 and almost 2 and still fit well in it...although they are getting heavy! I love that it is small for a double, not wide or long, and is so SO versatile with many different child positions. I would go for the little elbows that allow you to put the second seat on the top with the infant laying down before getting the carseat attachment, but that is just what worked for us!


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