Monday, July 12, 2010

Garden Update: July

June was a ridiculously hot month here in Delaware, and I fear that my garden is going to be suffering for it this season! Part of it is my fault; my garden gets full afternoon sun from about 1pm-7pm, and its been brutal. Couple that with the lack of rain we've had, and I've had a few plants bite the dust!

Really, just my spinach is completely gone, and I'm planning to plant a few more of the spinach seeds later in the year when the weather is a little more mild.

My basil and parsley have also seen better days. I have one basil plant that has held strong, but several that have sprung up and then wilted.

The green beans have also had some trouble, though now its just that they are getting eaten by some form of pest.

The cute little pepper plant is still cute and very little. This guy is hanging on, but I'm sure the heat has stunted its growth.

We've been able to harvest peas several times, which is very exciting! They've been a great addition to summer salads. But the 4 or 5 days of 100+ heat a few weeks ago have even the peas looking like they've seen better days. They have been looking better recently, so I think they'll hold on!

The cucumber plants are doing very well. There are a ton of blooms, so I'm hoping that will mean lots of delicious cucumbers in the near future!

And the pride of my garden -- the tomato plants. The Cherries are doing great, and I just pulled a handful for the first time yesterday. My daughter LOVES tomatoes, so I'm thinking it was a mistake to let her watch me pick them!

And the Roma plant is doing great too! There are 6 or 8 tomatoes right now I think, and the first is nearly ready to be picked. My daughter did get to this plant and proudly brought me a bright green tomato a few days ago!

How is your garden? Has it suffered any from this crazy heat?

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