Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Staying cool on another 100+ degree day

We've got another day of temperatures over 100 degrees here in Delaware. Everything is getting pretty burnt to a crisp, especially since we have only had a thunderstorm or two in the last few weeks also. We're trying to stay cool, and really having a pretty good time along the way!

The ceiling fans are always on (except for taking pictures of them :-)

We had breakfast in the pool!

It was already above 90 by 9 this morning!

The a/c at our local library felt great!

We picked out some great new books (including Bob and Otto - too cute!)

Leftover pasta salad from last night made for another great cold meal.

And local peaches were a hit too!

And I just set out some sun tea out back for a refreshing treat with dinner, which will be grilled chicken wraps with plenty of cold veggies.

How are you handling the heat? Any other ways that you and your family are keeping cool?

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