Monday, March 14, 2011


Recycling comes pretty naturally to our family since it is something we grew up doing, but living in Delaware has made it more challenging since we have to drop our recycling off instead of (paying for) curbside recycling. Delaware lawmakers voted last year to change the requirements for recycling to make it easier for businesses and individual families.

You may have noticed that Delaware no longer offers the 5 cent bottle deposit/refund. Instead, you are now charged a 4 cent (non-refundable) recycling fee. This goes towards a Delaware Recycling Fund (you can read more on the DE revenue site). The purpose of the fund is to provide curbside recycling for every home and business (by 2014 I believe). The Middletown Transcript indicated that Middletown will begin curbside recycling in September of this year.

There are 3 different recycling drop-offs within 15 minutes of my house, and I make use of all of them, depending on where else I need to go when I make my recycling trip. I also use another one 20 minutes north of my house that is on my way to Costco. I've found that having several different locations has made it easier for me to make our recycling drop-off part of our normal routine. Find a recycling center near you no matter where you live by using Recycling!

I thought it would be interesting to see how much we recycle in a single week! Here is a picture of our trash area before:

And next Monday I will be posting an "after" photo of our week's recycling!

I'm interested to see just how much we recycle every week. I am pretty sure that it is a decent amount since we always have so much less trash than our neighbors, and I take a trunk-full of recyclables to the drop-off every other week or so.

Do you have curbside recycling? Or do you make the trek to drop it off somewhere? If not, what keeps you from recycling?


  1. I am so excited, because our city is now offering city wide curbside recycling. It will save me so much time driving to our recycle center. It is amazing how little garbage you produce when you actively recycle.

  2. We are slackers when it comes to recycling. Mostly because its just not part of our routine, but also because our recycling pick up people are terrible. They come once a week and the street looks like a tornado has gone through after they have been through. They spill everything! It doesn't inspire me to recycle. But I really should try and be better at it.


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