Thursday, March 10, 2011

Secondhand Spring Clothing

Now is a great time to start looking around at resale stores for spring and summer clothing! (And of course it is also a great time to look for end of year clearance sales on winter clothes for next year).  Many of these places are beginning to put out the warmer weather styles now, so the selection is really good.

We walked into Goodwill the other day just to take a look around and I ended up finding 2 things for myself within the first minute of browsing...I love it when that happens!

American Eagle shorts for $3.50

and a skort (I didn't realize it was a skort until I tried it on!) for $3.50.

That's a lot of plaid!

Goodwill is also my favorite place to shop for jeans. I have gotten to be pretty snobby about the jeans I get now...usually Gap (some American Eagle) and always $5 or less!

Sometimes it is frustrating to go into a thrift store and only see "junk", but sometimes you can get a little creative and turn that junk into something you can really use! My favorite Goodwill transformation is this mirror.

Have you found some spring clothes secondhand lately?

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  1. I love Goodwill! It's the only place I buy jeans for me now,too. I found a fabulous dress coat at Goodwill last month for $8.99. Last week I found my little boys a pair of brand new dress pants for $1.99 and shorts for $2.99. I have also found dress shoes, backpacks, lunch totes, canning jars, and replacement juice glasses for next to nothing.


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