Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Garden Update - May

Our garden is coming along nicely right now! The weather has been fairly moderate and we are getting a ton of rain. I'm going to be spoiled when I have to water again because I am totally out of the habit.

I've also been adding coffee grounds to my garden! I keep a tub in my fridge and dump my coffee grounds into it every day. When I have a substantial tub-full, I spread it around my little plants. I did this two years ago with grounds from Starbucks (they had big bags sitting by the door for your garden, but I haven't seen them at our Starbucks since) and I felt like it helped my plants a ton. I did a little research and it sounds like coffee grounds are especially helpful when the soil is more clay-like, which is exactly what we have here in Delaware.

We have 6 nice looking zucchini plants

And a bunch of tomato plants. I opted to not thin them out too much yet, but I probably will need to soon.

We have a happy little pot full of basil...yum!

And our lettuce is amazing! Its been a real treat to snip off lettuce before dinner. We've had salad several times, as well as tacos.

I bought a package of Impations seeds and was shocked to find a whopping 4 seeds when I opened it! Does anyone know if that is normal? I am thinking of writing to the company because it seemed so strange. I'm not really upset -- I'd mostly like to know if it was an accident. If it was not an accident, I've learned my lesson and I will just buy the plants next time!

We also have a ton of marigolds growing throughout our raised bed. I've read that marigolds are a natural deterrant for bugs, so I am excited that they are coming in so well. I'm planning to move some to our front yard once they get a little bigger and I need some more room for my growing squash and tomato plants.

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