Friday, October 16, 2009

Acme Oct. 16-22, 2009

I really wasn't planning on shopping at Acme this week because of all that I was able to get last week, but there is a great catalina deal! Actually, this is a 3 in 1 catalina deal (2 are not advertised, but they will work).

On the back page of the Acme circular this week is a General Mills deal: get $10 coupon when you buy $25 worth of products. Remember, the $25 is before your coupons.

Second, there is a Pillsbury refrigerated products catalina. The products that are included in both this Cat and the General Mills Cat are the cookies, pie crust, Grands biscuits, crescent dinner rolls, and grands cinnamon rolls. The Cat is get $2 off next purchase when you buy 2 products, $2.50 for 3, and $3 for 4.

Third, there is a Catalina on Betty Crocker fruit flavored snacks (shapes, fruit by the foot, fruit roll-ups, which are included in the GM cat). Get $1.50 off your next purchase when you buy 3, $2.50 off when you buy 4, $3.50 off for 5.

There are tons of ways to double or triple up on these deals to get extra catalinas, and there are an abundance of General Mills coupons floating around out there. Check your inserts from 9/13 and 10/4 especially, and there are many many on also.

One other thing that I wanted to add. Pretty much all of these products are snack-type foods or pre-packaged meal options. While you can definitely get some great deals, I try not to buy pre-packaged stuff that I can make at home easily. I don't buy any ready-made cookie dough, for example, because I love to make cookies, and I can freeze dough and have it ready to go just as quickly as the packaged stuff. Granola bars and yogurt are things that I can make too, though I will buy granola bars if they are super cheap (I'm not going to on this deal though). Specialty yogurt like in this deal is a treat for us once in a while because I can make vanilla yogurt for less than the cost of a multipack. With all that said, I'm not trying to deter anyone from buying snacky foods or premade cookie dough! We all have choices to make, and I'm just explaining some of mine!

Here are the best deals that I see, making use of coupons.


Gold Medal flour: $.50/1 printable coupon ($1/5lb. bag)

Whole grain total: $.75/1 printable coupon ($.50/box)


Betty crocker fruit snacks deal: $.50/2 (9/13 insert and ($4/2 boxes or $8/4 boxes plus $2.50 CAT)

Pillsbury deal: pie crust ($.50/2 and smartsource)


Pillsbury again: crescent rolls ($.50/2 9/13 and 10/4 inserts)

Warm delights: $.50/1 (9/13 and 10/4 inserts)

Progresso High Fiber: click here to get a $1/1 coupon (the link is for an article, but there is an ad midway down on the right side of the page. you may have to refresh several times to get the Progresso ad)

Like I said, there are coupons for nearly all of these products (click here to see), but I wanted to list just a few. I have my trips planned out and it looks like it will be a great week! Happy Saving!


  1. Looks like its going to be another week for a well thought out list...

  2. Thanks for the info!! I only knew about the 10 off of 25 deal. I was already to go yesterday and get mostly cereal and yogurt, but I think I'll try to take advantage of the other deals too to hopefully get more back. FYI: there was free cereal that came with last Sunday's paper and inside were two $1.00/1 box coupons for Whole Grain Total and Multi-grain Cheerios which are both in the deal.

  3. I just got home and BC fruit snacks Catalina deal was not advertised in the aisle so I didn't try it and the Pillsbury one didn't print out. D the Catalina deals vary by region??? I'm going to go back and ask for my $2 b/c I did purchase four items and it was advertised in the aisle. I did make out though with the other GM sales with all my coupons and with the $10 back on a $25 purchase I ended up getting over $66 worth of items for only $15!!! I was able to use the $10 to take advantage of the apple sale, Prego sale and for some misc. ingredients I need for a cake!


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