Saturday, October 3, 2009

Acme Oct. 2-8

Every Saturday (and sometimes I may be able to get to it on Friday), I'm hoping to have posted some of the best deals and coupon match-ups in the Acme circular for the week.

Mindi at Moms Need to Know goes through the entire Acme circular and posts match-ups for the Philadelphia area Acme stores. Most of the time, the circular is the same for us in Delaware, which is really great! The one issue is that the coupons that come in the Philadelphia papers that are listed in the match-ups are not always the same as the coupons we get in the Delaware News Journal. So sometimes there will be a really great deal if you have the right coupons, but they were not even in our paper.

One way around this if there is a really good coupon that you want, is to look into getting it on a coupon swapping website like The Coupon Clippers. On this site you can search for a specific coupon that you want and pay a small (5 cents to 20 cents usually) "handling fee". Since you are not allowed to sell coupons, the handling fee is payment for the service of someone else clipping the coupon and sending it to you. Obviously this is going to cut into your savings, so it is only worth it if you are getting a GREAT deal. It could also help more if the coupon is a very high value. Coupon Clippers also has restaurant coupons, so check them out!

Without further explanation, Acme this week:

4-day sale (through Mon. 10/5)
6 oz. red raspberries, 2 for $3

Arctic Shores Raw Shrimp $4.99/lb
(sold in 2 lb. bag)

The rest of the week:

Acme or Perdue Boneless Chicken breast, buy one, get one free

Nabisco and Planters products $1.75 (must buy 4)
coupons $1 wheat thins, $1 wheat thins flat bread, and buy Ritz get Crackerfuls free (8/23 SS insert)
as low as $3.25 for 4 boxes!

General Mills Cereals, snack bars, and Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks $1.75 (must buy 4)
TONS of coupons for these, cereal coupons on, 9/13 inserts, and tomorrow's insert (10/4)

Nestle Morsels 2 for $5 ($.50 coupon 9/13 RP insert)

Pringles Super Stacks 4 for $5 ($1/4 coupon 9/27 P&G insert)

On the back page are Acme store coupons for Tide, Bounty, Charmin, Pampers, Crest, Herbal Essences, and Aussie products. These can be combine with Manufacturer's coupons, many in 9/27 P&G insert. However, unless you need the items now, many can be found for cheap or even free on drug store deals!!

Catalina $5 on your next trip when you spend $20 on Folgers ($1/2 9/20 RP insert), Dunkin Donuts coffee, Pillsbury Cake Mix, Brownie Mix, frosting, cookie mix, flour, and quickbread, Hungry Jack, Eagle Brand Condensed milk, Smuckers Preserves and jam ($1/2 coupon 9/13 RP insert), crisco spray, oil ($1 coupon 9/13 RP), and shortening sticks, Uncrustables, and JIF p/b

On the "pull out for extra savings" part of the add are 12 coupons that are manufacturer's coupons, so they cannot be combine with other coupons!

Happy Shopping this week!


  1. FYI: Go to and print out online coupons for some of the items that are on sale this week at the Acme and Giant. For example: Scott paper products are on sale at the Giant with $2 or $4 register cash back for a future purchase. At the Acme some fruit snacks and General Mills Cereals are on sale and there are extra coupons online and in the paper for those. Some of those same coupons are in yesterday's paper too. Happy doubling them up! Oh, and in the Giant weekly circular that came in the mail on Thursday there are 4 coupons that will double a $1.00 off coupon...use that for the $1.00 off Scott paper products and you'll save a lot!

  2. Good info about Giant!

    The best deal that I see is on the back page of the Giant ad: $3 catalina for your next purchase when you buy $20 worth of participating General Mills items. There are TONS of coupons for these products, in the recent paper inserts and online. Careful with the doublers too -- you need to spend $15 AFTER coupons for them to apply!


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