Thursday, October 1, 2009

Free Starbucks Coffee

I am a coffee lover, and coffee lovers do not drink instant coffee! A few months ago I got to try a free sample of Starbucks VIA which (gasp) is instant coffee. It really wasn't bad, though probably not something that I will buy on any sort of regular basis.

To promote VIA and get people to try it, go into participating Starbucks from October 2-5th to take the Starbucks VIA Taste Challenge, tasting VIA and Pikes Place. And just for tasting you will receive a coupon for a free tall brew coffee! I called the Starbucks in Middletown and confirmed that they are participating.

A Starbucks habit is not very thrifty, but it is a nice treat. I enjoy using my Starbucks gift card, and I recently learned about the rewards program with my gift card. Go here to register your gift card and take advantage of these rewards:

Free syrup and milk options for your beverage
Free brewed coffee refills (hot or iced)
Free Tall (12 fl oz) beverage with your 1 lb whole bean purchase
Up to two hours free AT&T Wi-Fi per day
a free drink on your birthday!

Free coffee...I'm there!

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