Friday, October 23, 2009

Giant this week

I am not planning on doing a post about Giant every week, because most of the time I feel like their sales just cannot compete with Acme. I did want to mention that they have Gala, McIntosh, Red Delicious and Golden Delicious apples on sale for $.59/lb this week. This is a great price (especially for Gala - our favorite, which are usually $1 more per pound!). You have to buy a larger quantity since they are sold in a pre-measured bag, but we have no problem finishing it.

Last year around this time Giant had apples on sale like this for a while, so hopefully this will not be the only week!

To see coupon match-ups for the entire ad check out Frugal in Virginia. For the most part, the prices and sales should be the same for Delaware as Virginia!

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  1. The coupon I posted on my blog does work at our Giant. And they do take Acme coupons too. I got over 8.5 pounds of apples for only $3.03!!!! The coupon expires today.


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