Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday paper and Babies R Us deal

A few things that I wanted to note in yesterday's paper:

*There were 3 coupon inserts
--In the SmartSource insert is information about getting a free journal from Energizer with the purchase of batteries. Read more about it here.
--Coupons for SuperCuts, located in Middletown Crossing shopping center
--Form for a full rebate on No Yolks egg noodle pasta
--Coupons for Red Lobster
--$3 coupon for Sunggle products, which should mean cheap or free fabric softener (and I've heard free dryer sheets at Family Dollar)

My friend MVB first made me aware of this deal at both Babies R Us and Toys R Us stores:

Purchase $30 worth of the following items and receive a $10 gift card to Babies R Us/Toys R Us.

Additionally, the $30 purchase qualifies you for a Good Cooks kitchenware set ($40 value) that includes a saute pan, kitchen timer, measuring cups, and spatula!

Thanks to Deal Seeking Mom for coupon match-ups on the participating products:

$1/1 Always Infinity, exp. 10-31-09 (P&G 9/27/09)
$0.50/1 Always Pad, Clean or Feminine Cleansing Cloth, exp. 10-31-09 (P&G 9/27/09)
$0.50/1 Always Pantiliners, exp. 10-31-09 (P&G 9/27/09)
This would also be a great opportunity to use the free Always infinity coupon!

$0.25/1 Bounty Napkins, exp. 10-31-09 (P&G 9/27/09)
$0.25/1 Bounty Towels or Napkins, exp. 10-31-09 (P&G 9/27/09)
$1.50/2 Charmin Toilet Paper, exp. 11-30-09 (SS 9/20/09)
$0.25/1 Charmin Toilet Paper, exp. 10-31-09 (P&G 9/27/09)
$0.75/1 Duracell CopperTop, PowerPix, Ultra Digital, Ultra Advanced , exp. 10-31-09 (P&G 9/27/09)
$1/1 Tide Product, exp. 10-31-09 (P&G 9/27/09)
$1/1 Tide Stain Release Duo Pac, Liquid or Powder, exp. 10-31-09 (SS 8/16/09)
$0.35/1 Tide To Go, exp. 10-31-09 (P&G 9/27/09)

Remember, the $30 is before coupons! This offer runs through October 14th, and the rebate for the kitchenware must be postmarked by October 28th.

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  1. FYI for the BRU/TRU deal. I think I saw on the Proctor and Gamble website that there will be more coupons in the 10/11 paper. I am going to wait until then to hopefully collect more coupons for the eligible products. I am so excited to get the cookware!


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